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March Newsletter 2017

Hello from Monarch Charter School!

IMPORTANT: Please text the word“alert”to 22300 (only the 5 digits)

This will allow you to receive the All School Notifications as texts on your cell instead of the voice message. Voice messages will still be sent to your land line, if available.

We are starting to unpack all the boxes in the remodeled rooms! The rooms are so close to being done! We are all SO excited! Pictures of the progress are periodically updated in the display case by the office for any of you who are curious.

The Policy Council meeting is  March. 6th at 3:00PM in Room 1

Spring Pictures are March 15th

Family pictures are welcome.

Room 5 will have their 8th Grade Yard Sale in April.

Start gathering your donation items and drop them off at the school with Mr. C in Room 5  (Currently Rm 3)

Period 8 Attendance Calendars are due Friday March 24th

Minimum Day Friday March 3rd

1:35PM Pick Up Time

Monarch’s March Birthdays!

Student Birthdays:

Kaytee B – 03/03

Tristen T – 03/03

Sierra C – 03/12

Caleah S – 03/14

Alex S – 03/18

Skyler D – 03/21

Grace D – 03/27

Cason W – 03/31

Staff Birthdays:

Mr. Corey – 03/04

Miss Davis – 03/31

The Booster Club meeting for March

is Monday March 13th at 3:00pm.

Be a part of YOUR school’s success!

March 12th ->  At 2a.m. move your clock forward one hour. This marks the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.

March’s character word of the Month is EXCELLENCE

Excellence is superiority, doing more than expected, the state of excelling.

We have expectations for behavior. When a person exceeds those expectations, we say that he/she has achieved excellence. You can achieve excellence in a number of ways!

Feb 27th – March 3rd is Public Schools Week at the Mt Shasta Mall!

Check us out over by Macy’s! Send your family, friends and neighbors to see some awesome art by our students and take a look at some of the many cool things we can offer their children here at Monarch Charter School!

Mr. Art is interested in a few small donations: Bird Houses, Bird Feeders & Bird Seed. These could count towards your volunteer hours as well as add to our school’s aesthetics!

 All School Field Trip! March 8th at the Cascade to see:

Internationally Acclaimed Classical Pianist

Monarch’s School Store is open most Fridays at lunch.

We have affordable & fun school supplies & various toys. All items are subject to availability & may change.

ALL toys are to be played with at home ONLY.

Students (& Parents) are invited to buy items. All money goes back to the school.

Keep earning those Kindness Coins!

Did you make your camping vote count? If not, go to the doodle poll that was sent to you via email last month. Make your opinion known! We are planning our annual school camp trip.

Dates at a Glance for March

2nd – Read Across America Day

3rd – Employee Appreciation Day – Remember to thank your co-workers!

6th – Policy Council Meeting

8th – Field Trip to see Alina Kiryayeva

12th – Spring Forward

14th – Pi day! 3.14

15th – Spring Pictures Day

17th – St Patrick’s Day – WEAR GREEN!

20th – First Day of Spring

24th – Attendance Calendars Due

Did you read the whole newsletter? This month, have your child tell Ms. Candy the answer to any of these questions: Why do we Spring Forward? What is Pi? Who’s Birthday is on Read Across America Day? What special solar event happens on the first day of spring?  The first 5 students with their full answer will earn a $1 Kindness Coin! Everyone after the first 5 will receive a regular $0.25 kindness coin. If the student only has a partial answer they will get a regular $0.25 coin. Bonus $0.25 coins for those who can tell me what is their favorite day in March.