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Monarch Learning Center

California Public Charter School #307

5307 Cedars Road · Redding, CA 96001

(530) 247-7307      FAX:  (530) 243-4819

email: Shane Humphreys shumphreysmonarch@gmail.com

Monarch Learning Center  Mission

   The Mission of Monarch Learning Center, California public charter school #307, is to cultivate an active family community where parents and staff together provide individual, real, personal, and conceptual learning for each student.

Through exploration, direct experience, and discovery, each student gains ownership of his or her learning.  The student at Monarch is a self-directed learner who is able to demonstrate, articulate, and evaluate what he or she learns.    Monarch education is developmentally appropriate, centered on language, mathematical, and science literacy, and is achieved through the three principles of

Respect, Understanding, and Excellence.

Monarch Learning Center is Proud to be Sponsored by the Redding School District.


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