Monarch Charter School

K-8 Tuition-Free Public Elementary School

California Public Charter School #307

5307 Cedars Road · Redding, CA 96001

(530) 247-7307      FAX:  (530) 243-4819

email: Director – Patricia Davis

Co-Director – Corey Wilmot

Today, Friday January 6th is a minimum day. 1:35pm Pick Up.


Parents will be contacted via phone, text and/or email. Please reply to let us know you received the information. Thank you.

Monarch Charter school is a tuition-free, public charter school. That means that your child can enroll in our school for free, just like any public school. What makes Monarch special is that we offer individualized learning with an emphasis on hands-on, experiential, engaging learning opportunities. We are small on purpose — we want to focus on each child and enhance their learning environment much like you might do at home. We know our students, we know their needs, we know their strengths — they are part of our Monarch family! Through this community approach, students feel accepted, they feel confident, and they know that we are here for them. Teachers, staff, and students work together to make learning a life-long goal.

Call us today to learn more, and to schedule a tour of Monarch to see the kids in action! (530) 247-7307.

Monarch Charter School Mission

   The Mission of Monarch Charter School, California public charter school #307, is to cultivate an active family community where parents and staff together provide individual, real, personal, and conceptual learning for each student.

Through exploration, direct experience, and discovery, each student gains ownership of his or her learning.  The student at Monarch is a self-directed learner who is able to demonstrate, articulate, and evaluate what he or she learns.    Monarch education is developmentally appropriate, centered on language, mathematical, and science literacy, and is achieved through the three principles of

Respect, Understanding, and Excellence.

Our 2016/17 school calendar is ready!  MLC Calendar 16-17 Instructional Calendar & 2016-17 Bell Schedule

MLC Family Handbook

Monarch Charter School is Proud to be Sponsored by the Redding School District.

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